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What we do

The Churches’ Network for non-violence was formed to broaden religious support for law reform to end corporal punishment of children and other cruel and humiliating forms of violence against children and to challenge faith-based justification for it. CNNV aims to work with others towards developing a network of support, practical resources and information and to encourage religious communities to play an active role in the movement for reform. We challenge the view that corporal punishment is a Biblical doctrine and believe that positive, non-violent discipline best models Christ’s teachings.

We aim to work with others in forming a network of support, information and practical resources to assist people in religious communities to raise the status of children and promote positive, non-violent discipline. We aim to work with people from all religions in activities and events.

“Violence that is within the law, as in the legal right of parents to use “reasonable” force in disciplining children violates children’s right to equal protection under the law, as well as their physical, spiritual and emotional integrity. This view is grounded in the sacred respect that religious communities hold for every child”

“Universal regard for children transcends religious and theological differences. It impels religious groups to join with others in rejecting all forms of violence and humiliating treatment of children, including corporal punishment”.
Charter for Religious Communities 2012

God of compassion we seek justice for children. Help us to protect children; support parents; and sustain our lawmakers to end legalised violence against children.