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Universal Children’s Day is observed on
20 November.

The World Day of Prayer and Action for Children (DPAC) is also observed each year on  Universal Children’s Day, 20 November. Universal Children’s Day was established by the United Nations to promote children’s welfare around the world. The date also marks the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in 1989.  For further information see :

The theme for the World Day of Prayer and Action for Children is: STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN. All people of faith, guided by their respective religious teachings and values, are encouraged to express hope and determination through prayer and action that the world be made fit for children.

Action and advocacy on the World Day  are inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The World Day is not only an opportunity to pray, but for everyone to take action that makes an immediate difference in improving children’s lives.  Further information at:

Justice for Children
Loving God
You have called us to work for true justice in our communities
and to be messengers of freedom
for all who are not treated as your children.
Give us grace to put our faith into action
to end the violence and cruelty that overshadows many children’s lives.
Jesus taught us to welcome children and learn from them.
May we use our imagination to put ourselves in children’s shoes
and learn to teach and guide them with wisdom,
gentleness and understanding.
Let us treat each child as we would treat the Christ child.  Amen

A Prayer for Parents
God our Creator
As Mary nurtured her son Jesus
at each new stage of life
with wisdom and respect,
may we too meet each new challenge of parenting
with full humanity
and respond with kindness and understanding.

Help us to promote the true meaning of discipline
as discipleship, teaching and guidance;
not smacking, punishment and humiliation.

Help us to speak out boldly and challenge those
who use religion to justify the painful punishment of children.

Create in us a sense of universal responsibility towards all children
so that in our work and daily life
we may follow the example of Jesus
who listened to children and gave them status and respect.
And may we see your likeness in every child.

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