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The Churches’ Network for Non-violence (CNNV) was formed to broaden religious support for law reform to end corporal punishment of children and other cruel and humiliating forms of violence against children and to challenge faith-based justification for it. CNNV aims to work with others towards developing a network of support, practical resources and information and to encourage people in all religious communities to play an active role in the movement for reform.

CNNV rejects all forms of violence against children including corporal punishment in all its forms. We believe positive, non-violent discipline best models the example set by Jesus. All the recorded encounters between Jesus and children were gentle, respectful and compassionate.

CNNV believes that religious leaders and their communities and faith-based organisations should be in the forefront of work towards the prohibition and elimination of all forms of violence against children including corporal punishment.

Download: Ending corporal punishment of children – A handbook for working with and within religious communities

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