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Ending corporal punishment of children – a handbook for working with religious communities

Resources to accompany the handbook

Ending corporal punishment of children – A handbook for worship and gatherings

This resource offers prayers, reflections vigils and liturgies which promote non-violent adult-child relationships.  It can be used both privately and collectively and can be adapted for the local context or used to trigger ideas for further studies or reflections.

The handbook includes an introduction contextualising the materials within the obligations of governments under human rights law to protect children from all forms of corporal punishment. A final section outlines resources to support further development on the issue.

Resources to accompany the Handbook for Worship and Gatherings

Ending corporal punishment of children – working with and within religious communities 

Faith-based support is an integral part of the global movement for prohibition of all corporal punishment of children. Growing numbers of religious communities and organisations regard ending legalised violence against children as both a moral and a religious imperative.

This handbook is based on the premise that the major world religions value and respect the dignity of every person including children and that compassion, justice, equality and non-violence are claimed by most people of faith to be central to their religion. At the same time it recognises that there are those in most of the world’s religions who use their faith and sacred texts to justify corporal punishment of children.

The handbook provides information, tools and resources which can be used to work in partnership with others towards the prohibition and elimination of corporal  punishment.


Charter for Religious Communities

This Charter, which was first launched at an ecumenical service at Coventry Cathedral in 2006, can be adapted and used by groups wishing to make a commitment to ending violence against children. It was developed in collaboration with religious groups and organisations  to address the recommendations in the United Nations Secretary General’s Global Study on Violence against Children.

Respect Children: End Corporal Punishment
Small booklets with quotes promoting respect for children, positive discipline and discipleship and justice for children. Hard copies available. contact us

Meet the Blobs  – Stop Smacking  is an activity book for young children based on children’s right to protection from all violence and the Golden Rule.It  contains a board game and  stickers.  A limited number of hard copies of these publications are available  contact us