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Resources for Positive Discipline

This page contains links to resources on positive non-violent discipline including
multi-religious resources, publications and websites.

Alice Miller Website
Contains articles, essays, open letters and information about books by Alice Miller
(1923-2010) an internationally renowned psychoanalyst and expert on the effects of physical punishment.

Attachment Parenting website
Attachment parenting incorporates the “golden rule” of parenting; parents should treat their children in the way they would like to be treated. It points out the dangers of physical discipline and has a mission to educate and support parents in raising secure, joyful children in order to strengthen families and create a more compassionate world.

Help at Hand
An online toolkit which includes factsheets and activities for different needs. It aims to promote equal protection for children, including through legal reform, and to providing information to parents about alternatives to “smacking” and using a ositive approach to bringing up children. Developed by ‘Sdim Curo Plant!/Children Are Unbeatable! in Wales, UK.  In Welsh and English.

Gentle Christian Mothers website – promotes “gentle discipline” through articles and a forum.

Natural Child Project contains articles promoting compassionate parenting and natural learning and “gentle guidance” of children.

Parenting in Jesus’ Footsteps website – Promotes gentle discipline and ending corporal punishment by applying Jesus’ teachings and example to the parent/child relationship.

Parenting without punishing  contains articles by Norm Lee who has developed the “New Non-Punitive Parenting Paradigm” which is based on respect for children and democratic parenting.

Project No Spank  described as “a web presence of parents and teachers in education” and includes many articles and critical essays including a section on on religion and spanking, Flogging for God – violence towards children under the guise of religion:

Religious Child Maltreatment A website which provides information about “religious child maltreatment, including corporal punishment.

Spare the Kids
The mission of Spare the Kids is to provide Black parents, families and communities in the USA with a full range of alternatives to corporal punishment. Spare the Kids provides workshops including “Parenting in the pew” an opportunity for clergy to change the culture of Black family violence.  There are cartoons and a blog and a problem page on
non-violent discipline.


A Theology of Children was written by The Revd Nove Vailaau and published by Barnardos New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, to promote an informed understanding of biblical precepts about raising children with positive nurturing and non-violent discipline.
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Living with Siva: Hinduism’s Contemporary Culture (2002). A chapter provides seven lessons on positive discipline. Written by Satguru Sivaya Subramunyaswami.  Published in Hawaii, USA by the Himalayan Academy.
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Parenting with Love (2009) – an introduction to positive discipline which includes 14 strategies for raising children “without blame, shame or pain”. Written by Jane Nelson and published in Hawaii, USA by the Himalayan Academy.
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Plain Talk About Spanking by Jordan Riak (2011 edition), a leaflet published by Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education (PTAVE). Click for copy

Positive Discipline in Everyday Teaching: Guidelines for Educators,by Joan Durrant (2010), Published in Bangkok, Thailand by Save the Children, Sweden Southeast Asia and the Pacific Regional Office. Click for copy

Positive Discipline: What it is and how to do it, By Joan Durrant, Save the Children, 2009, Download the manual, executive summary and a video interview with the author at:

Positive Parenting – Give your child the best start in life (2007) A leaflet which discusses how positive parenting encourages beter behaviour and why smacking is harmful to children.  Written by Shakeel Hafez and published by Kirklees Council, UK.
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Raising Children as Good Hindus (2005) by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami is a 16 page feature in Hinduism Today magazine on Hindu childrearing, including using positive discipline. Published in Hawaii, USA by the Himalayan Academy.
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Ten Positive Parenting Hints by Jean Ellerby, Barnardos, New Zealand
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For children
Meet the Blobs: Stop Smacking a small booklet for young children (2010), containing activities about their right to protection from all violence. Published by CNNV
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Our Right to be Protected from Violence : Activities for Learning and Taking Action for Children and Young People (2006) to accompany the Global Report of the United Nations Secretary General’s Study on Violence Against Children.  Written by Susan Fountain for  young people over the age of 12  years. Contains ideas for actions that groups of young people can take to prevent violence and respond to it.
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The Tree by the River Activity Book (2008) An activity book for children which explores the impact of corporal punishment and promotes positive discipline. Published in Cape Town, South Africa by RAPCAN. Download Tree by the river

The video Parenting for a Peaceful World by Robin Grille, a psychologist, is narrated by Ajas Swafford aged 10 and can be viewed at
It traces the history of the violent treatment of children from early times and discusses the negative effects of violence on generations of children. It ends with a call to prohibit corporal punishment of children.

A large number of additional resources  on positive discipline can be found at:

See  Multi-religious Resources  for additional publications